Day 0

Do you believe that you are what you eat?  I do!  I know that when I am eating well I feel great and when I don’t eat well I don’t.  There have been times in my past where I have eaten great.  I have lost incredible amounts of weight.  I have inspired those around me to eat better as well.  They have lost tremendous amounts of weight….and all was right in the world.

And then something happens…

Stress… Depression… Anxiety… Work… Family…

The barriers to our optimal health are endless.  It wasn’t until I ate well and felt great that I really new what it meant and felt like when I didn’t.  We are raised eating one way and we believe that is how it should be.  We don’t really know any better.  It’s just normal.

2 years ago I had had enough.  I think…no I know…I totally scared my husband.  I walked into the bedroom and announce, “This year we are making a change!”  You see it was getting close to New Years Day and I was on a mission.  I was tired of being tired.  Tired of being lazy and bloated.  I felt miserable and unattractive…. and most of all I felt FAT!  I knew he was feeling the same so I pushed him into it.  Because he loves me he went along with it….even though I know he was miserable doing it.  I quickly read Dr. Fuhrmans book Eat to Live.  I decided we were committing to his 6 week eating plan.  It primarily consisted of fruits and vegetables and water.  There were some guidelines of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid and so I sat down and made a plan.We cut out meat and dairy completely.  We started the day with a shake, had a salad for lunch, and ate as many roasted veggies as we could for dinner with a small serving of the grain of the night.  Obviously when you change your diet that drastically it is going to work.  We both lost weight.  The thing that surprised us both was it wasn’t as hard as we thought.  So, when the 6 weeks were over, we decided to keep going.  However, I stopped following the “plan.”  I was trying to make it our lifestyle and to not think of it as RULES.  And it worked.  In total I lost 40 pounds and my husband lost 70.

And all was good in the world…… until….

Stress… Depression… Anxiety… Work… Family… re-entered our world.

Without even knowing it we had slipped back into our comfortable patterns of eating.  A stop at the convenient store for junk food here.  Some ice cream there.  Let’s go out to eat…WE DESERVE IT!

So needless to say, some of the weight has come back.  Not all of it.  However, it is enough to know it is time to take back control.  And so we are!  It is time to eat clean again and let my body release the toxins and fat that have built up while I comforted myself with food.  For the next 21 days my husband and I will go through the Ultimate Reset.  I will document our journey.  So this is day 0.  Tonight I went shopping.  I have breakfast ready for the morning.  I made my lunch to bring to work.

I have a plan!

That is what will make the difference.


4 thoughts on “Day 0

  1. I have seen you before and after you began this journey and have always thought you were beautiful…..but I want you to FEEL beautiful too. You and Ken inspire me everyday so I look forward to following your blog and supporting you whenever you need it. xoxo

  2. I know exactly how you felt 2 years ago – that is how I feel today, yesterday, last month – I’m excited to see how your journey progresses and to start this reset with my hubby – just in time for Christmas.

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