Day 2

Asian inspired dinner tonight! Homemade Miso Soup…


Japanese cucumber salad and a tempeh nori roll. 20131203_192538

Yup!  I made them myself… Pretty proud of myself. Even happier that it was yummy!

When I used to eat meat one of my favorite meals was sushi.  Truthfully, I sometimes still mentally want it.  It is one of the only animal product that I still think about. There wasn’t a type of sushi I didn’t like.  One of the things I liked the best was the fact that my husband and I would go so often they would sometimes just create new things for us to try. Thinking about it now, what I liked even more then the food was the fact that we would always go together.  It was our excuse to have a date night.  Still when I think about sushi what I picture first is us sitting together… surrounded by only adult conversation (come on parents I know you know what I am talking about!)…enjoying every second of each other.

It’s funny when you reflect on your past how many of your memories are surrounded by food.  When you want to meet up with someone, where are you going to go?  Why not meet at a restaurant?  Or a bar?  Even the movies or bowling end up being about junk food.  It is such a hard habit to break.  Being in any relaxed atmosphere makes it easier to lose focus and eat a little more then you planned.  Even when it’s “healthy.”  It is even easier to indulge and give in to your sweet tooth.  I know that is my downfall.  They don’t make a dessert that I am not tempted by. I don’t like coconut…but if it was the only dessert around, I would be tempted to eat it!  Sad, but true!

One of the things that I am always working on is finding the balance of foods that I enjoy and creating a healthy life for myself.  Tonight’s dinner was a good step in that direction. It taste good.  It connected to positive memories and emotions.  It had clear limits.  And… It inspired me to keep going!


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