Day 3

So…. the other thing you are supposed to do one day 0/1 that I didn’t do was take before pictures.  I had every intention to do it but I kept missing my opportunity.  I needed my husband to take the pic and I kept missing him or forgetting to ask when he was with me… excuses…excuses…

Tonight I had my husband take my before pics…  😦   Oh well, have to start somewhere!

So here I am!



Ladies I am sure you feel my pain as I look at the back of my legs as I post them to the entire world.  uuugggghhhhh….

OK, I’m over that!  Instead what I am going to focus on is the fact that I am on day 3 and I am already down 2 pounds and I feel great.  My husband called me at lunch time to tell me he is already down 7 pounds!  Don’t you just hate men that way.  I’m kidding of course.  I am so happy for him.  I am so lucky to be on this path with him as support. They say that day 3-5 are the hardest because your body is craving whatever it is that you use to eat. For me that would be sugar.  Cookies have been a week spot lately.  Sometimes we stop to get our son subway and it is impossible to resist their cookies.  They are the perfect match of cooked and still doughy on the inside!  Today I had a meeting schedule at work from 4-6 and one of the ladies brought fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from a lunch party in her office.  Those delicious smelling cookies sat in front of my face for 2 hours and I didn’t take one bite as everyone was eating them around me.  And you know people always leave one for you because they don’t want to be rude when they realize you haven’t had one yet.  I stayed strong.  Truthfully, I don’t feel like I missed out.  Sure, I bet they were delicious but I am so focused right now on feeling healthier that those cookies could not stand in my way.  I know there will be cookies in my future.  I don’t need one today.

Writing that just made me so happy because it made me realize how powerful that choice was.  I had the power in the situation not the food, not my emotions, not my “crackhead feed me a cookie” brain….me!  If I don’t get anything else out of this next 21 days that in itself was worth every second.

Food today for those that are curious was:

breakfast: mixed fruits and berries


lunch: sushi roll and lentil lime salad


dinner: quinoa, stir fry veggies and cucumber and tomato salad



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