Day 5

Today I wanted to take a second to introduce you to my partner in crime, my husband Ken.  Like everything in my life, Ken is 100% on this journey with me. Since we met in 2002, we have been completely inseparable. Prior to ’02, I was living in Brooklyn and working at NYU in athletics and alumni relations.  I decided I was ready for a change so I began pursuing a career as a teacher. That decision moved me home, 90 miles north of NYC. I had no idea how significantly me life would change from that point on.


Ken and I met and there was an instant connection. We were both ex college athletes and competitive. That competitiveness originally showed up in our desire to one up each other in our middle school  teasing antics. I’m still not sure who won those battles so I guess I will call it a tie.

The school year started right after Labor Day. We were on our first date on September 25th. Just a few months later we were living together. There is no way when I was leaving NYU could I have imagined I would move home and immediately meet the man I would marry and live happily ever after with. After all, I have never been a happily ever after kind of girl.


In fact I was never getting married. If you asked even when I was little, the answer was no. Beyond that I was never having kids! So in walks this man into my life, with his 2 year old son, and we are instantly a family.


No one was more surprised then my family. They were beyond confused. But all they had to do was meet him to see that he was the most caring, considerate, and compassionate man ever.

I have never met someone that is more supportive of the people around him. He never thinks of himself and is always thinking of others first. There are hundreds if not thousands of example I can give you of this but none bigger then what he did yesterday. I accidentally left my phone at home and he was kind enough to bring it to me at work during lunch. On his way to me, he drove around a sharp turn and found a car crashed, upside down, and facing the wrong direction along the side of the road. He and the car in front of him pulled over to help. The front of the car was completely bashed in and the 30 year old mother, 3 year old daughter and grandmother couldn’t get out of the car. Ken went in through the back of the mini van and helped them each out of the car. Once everyone was out, he went back into the car to get the little girls coat and some toys so she wouldn’t be afraid. He stayed and helped take care of them until the police and paramedics arrived and then drove off to drop off my phone as if nothing had happened.

While this is an extreme example of his care and concern for others, it is a true example of how he lives his life every day.

I truly consider myself lucky to share everyday with him.


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