Day 6

Today got me thinking.  So many people ask when is a good time to start a reset, a cleanse, a diet, etc.  Well, that depends on what you are really asking.  If the question is, when will it be convenient? The answer is never!  If the question is, when will it be simple? The answer is never!  If the question is, when is it the right time to improve my health? The answer is now!

There will never be a time that works perfectly.  The Ultimate Reset is 21 days.  I am sure if you look over your last 21 days, or the 21 before that, you will be able to find a reason or two why it wouldn’t have worked for you to be on the Reset.  If you look at your next few months, I am sure there will be events that you have planned that could be an excuse not to start. Look at me, I am starting the reset in the middle of December.  Not only is it the holiday season, it is playoff football!  In my house football is everything.  Tonight is the Florida State vs. Duke ACC Championship game.  We are a household of Florida State super freaks.



Normally we have a house full of chips, salsa and quacamole. Wash that down with a few adult beverages and it is game time!  Ok, you might be thinking, salsa and guacamole? That is pretty healthy.  Many of our friends laugh at us when we tailgate.  We have been know to show up with pita, veggies, hummus and chips.  In moderation that might be a “healthier” option.  However, moderation is the thing we struggle with most.  We may only be eating chips and guacamole but we could put down two bags of Tostito’s all by ourselves.  We love to eat!  The excitement of the game only make you mindlessly eat more.  And did I mention…We love to eat!


As the day got closer and closer to game time, I could feel my husbands desire to snack and enjoy the game.  It is our weekly routine. Gather up the snacks and cheer on FSU.  BUT… we are on day 6 of the Reset.  So, we made our plan for the day and committed to supporting each other through it.  We had our dinner, made sure we were stocked up with all the water we could drink, and cheered on our team.

Next weekend is our huge friend holiday party.  It is a food and booze feast of absolute gluttony.  Friends, fun and laughter all around.  It’s like taking a trip to temptation island! BUT… we will be on day 12 of the Reset.  So, we are going to make a plan and commit to supporting each other through it.  We will eat before we go and make sure we have plenty of water to drink throughout the night.  Sure, some friends will tease us.  Others will say, it’s just one night…just eat something…have a drink!  But more of them will understand and support us.  It will be tough but we can do it!


Why can we do it?  Because we said we could!  Because we decided the time was now no matter what coincided with it.  It is hard to escape temptation.  It is harder to put yourself in the middle of it and still resist.  However, if you are committed and ready to improve your health then it doesn’t matter what events are going to occur at the same time.  It won’t be easy but you CAN DO IT!  The most important thing is to know why you are doing it.  If you are committing to yourself and have a clear goal then nothing can stop you!

So when is the right time to start being healthier?  When you want to start.


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