Day 7

Phase 1: Reclaim – Completed

So I have officially completed the first week of the Reset.  The first week slowly removes foods like red meat and dairy that put stress on your digestive system and tilt your body toward an acidic state. As I have said before, I haven’t eaten meat or fish for over a year so this wasn’t that big of a stretch for me.  I had reintroduced dairy back into my life.  Really what that means for me is I stopped caring if there was butter in whatever I was eating.  And as I said before, I started eating lots and lots of cookies.  So, I was also eating baked goods that would contain eggs.

The big deal about Week One, is how much water you drink.  Re-hydrating your body (most of us are living in a slightly dehydrated state) reactivates sluggish cell functioning. I know for a fact that I am always dehydrated.  About 2 months ago I had a pretty significant accident.  My family and I were trimming the tree in the back yard and a pretty good sized branch feel on my back.  I was rushed to the emergency room to check for internal bleeding.  The first test they do is to check your urine.  Well, I am embarassed to say that my urine was so dark just from my normal state of dehydration that they couldn’t rule out internal bleeding.  I had to have a catscan.  Luckily there was not internal bleeding (but it did show 2 fractured vertebrae…. but that is for another time).  So, for me, being forced to drink this much water is beyond necessary.  I may be an extreme case but I read a report today that said 75% of people in America are chronically dehydrated.  That is crazy!

During week one you also take four supplements —Alkalinize, Soothe, Mineralize, and Optimize.

reset box

Alkanlinize is a powder that is mixed with water and drank one time a day. Normal pH—level of acidity—levels fall between 7.35 and 7.45. Neutral pH is 7.0. Anything below 7.0 is considered acidic.  Its purpose is to help bring your body back to a healthy pH balance. It helps neutralize excess acid, improving alkalinity and supporting your immune system.

Soothe is a pill you take once a day.  Soothe is made out of aloe vera and curcumin, an extract from turmeric.  Together they help to clean your intestinal tract, support your body’s anti-inflammatory response, and eliminate free radicals.

Mineralize is Pink Himalayaan Sea Salt.  It is used to add minerals back into the distilled water that you drink all day.  It is also used to season your meals.  Mineralize promotes stable pH, aids with the absorption of food particles through the digestive tract, regulates water content throughout the body, prevents muscle cramps, and helps support cellular function.

Optimize is a pill that is taken 30 minutes before every meal.  It is a  blend of systemic enzymes, herbs, flavonoids, and amino acids.  Together help restore your body back to its full function and capacity, promote an optimal immune response, and help manage your body’s natural inflammatory response.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Phase 2: Release

During week to you are officially eating a vegetarian diet.  I know that is scary to many people but they really do keep in mind that most people don’t like to eat this way and have made everything really tasty.  You also add one more supplement: Detox.  Phase 2 focuses on your colon.  Your colon eliminates waste, influences hydration, nutrient absorption, and immune system function. Bacteria in your colon break down fiber, resistant starch, and other material that has not been previously absorbed during digestion. The colon also extracts water, potassium, and some fat-soluble vitamins from solid wastes before your body eliminates them. If your colon isn’t processing and eliminating waste properly, your digestive system can back up, causing you bloating and discomfort.

Detox is a blend of natural super-foods that help to gently clean your colon.  Chia and flax seed, milk thistle, and a variety of herbs help to remove unhealthy compounds from your gastrointestinal tract, enhance liver function, break down toxins and eliminate them from your body, while reducing gas and promote healthy digestive function and optimal immune system. The Detox packets, like Alkalinize, are mixed with water.  It is taken with the Optimize 30 minutes before every meal and helps restore optimum health to your entire gastrointestinal tract, while detoxifying your body through improved bowel movements.

Tomorrow is day 8, so not only will I add Detox to my routine, it is also time to weigh in again and compare my measurements….

Wish me luck!


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