Day 8

Accountability time.  Week one is officially done.  That means pictures and stats….


Day 1

Weight: 174.5 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 37′   Waist: 30″   Right bicep: 12/5″   Left bicep: 12″   Hips: 41.5″ Right Thigh: 25.5″   Left Thigh: 26″

Day 8

Weight: 168.5 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 36′   Waist: 30″   Right bicep: 12″   Left bicep: 12″   Hips: 40″ Right Thigh: 24.5″   Left Thigh: 24.5″


Total change: – 6 pounds and – 5.5 inches

20131209213733382I am psyched that I can notice a change.  I am trying not to stress much about these days.  I feel great and I am trying to stay focused on that.  Numbers can be so emotional.  It is crazy.  I work very hard at staying in the present and celebrating small successes while not criticizing my little imperfections.  There is always progress that can be made but if you spend all of your time focusing on the negative then you don’t get to celebrate the present.


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