Day 9

So tonight is all about preparation.  Tomorrow morning I go away for work and I will return Thursday night for dinner.  So that means in order to stay on the plan the way I want to I have to plan for 5 meals away from the house…. and… because I want my husband to be able to be successful, I wanted to make sure that those 5 meals were ready for him as well.

This is a little bit easier then it sounds.  One of the ways the Reset considers your life and the amount of time it may take to prep food is that often whatever your dinner is, it will also be included in the next days lunch.  Therefore, when I make dinner I have been looking ahead in the menu and making 4 times the amount in the recipe so that there is enough for both of us.  Sometimes I make even more then that so that Jalen can eat with us.  Tonight dinner was Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup.  It was so delicious everyone in the house wanted some.  I am psyched to be able to have it tomorrow.  My husband said that when the reset is over he would like to have this soup in the crockpot at all times.  I can just picture him dipping pita in it as he walks by.  (He is a carb addict!  lol)


So tonight when I pack, packing will take on a whole different meaning.  I am not only packing clothes I am also packing food.  This is what I have prepared to go with me.

WednesdayBreakfast: 1 bag full of fruit Lunch: Sweet Potato Soup and Salad Dinner: Quinoa Lentil Pilaf and broccoli

ThursdayBreakfast: 1 bag full of fruit Lunch: Quinoa Lentil Pilaf and Salad

20131210_203450(this is what it looked like right before I added the quinoa…forgot to take the finished pic)

Now, technically I could stay on the reset and make healthy choices while away and still be ok.  I could order things like salad, minestrone soup, steamed veggies, rice and beans, etc.  I could do that.  I have done that before.  I am just so focused on having the best outcome possible I will not let this trip get in my way.  I want to feel as healthy as I can feel.  I already notice that I am more alert.  That I get out of bed quicker and have more energy.  I want my body to be prepped for the physical routine I am going to jump into when I am done with this.  My mind is preparing like tomorrow is swim suit season.  I have my eyes on the prize and I am going to win!


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