Day 11

I did it! I survived my work trip. So excited to be home and back with my family. I got home and right back into my normal routine. Tonight’s dinner was a chunky veggie miso soup and steamed Swiss chard.  I have really loved the soups I have made over the last 2 weeks. All of them were things I would never normally make…and I love soup. I mean really… Zucchini cashew soup, sweet potato roasted red pepper, miso soup, and chunky veggie miso soup… They were all delicious. There is one more soup next week and I can’t wait to try it. Winter is just the perfect time for a great big bowl of warm soup. I will definitely continue to make these once I am done. I may even bring one to our work pot luck. No one needs to know how good it is for you!


On a side note I did something different this year for the holiday season.  This year I picked 3 friends that I normally wouldn’t get christmas presents and purchased small gifts to give them to let them know how much I love them. Before I left on this trip I wrote three personal cards and reflected on our year. I reminded them how strong they are and how much they inspire me to be better.  I wrote out my holiday wish for them and then attached the gift inside the card. Each of them got a small charm that can be worn on a necklace with a message. Warrior. Fearless. Believe. I hope that each of them are reminded of their strength, beauty, and influence on others.

No one knew I did it. No one would expect it. It is a complete surprise.

So far, one gift has arrived. This is the response I received…

“Thank you so much for my warrior card. Something cosmic must have helped deliver it today because I really needed some emotional support today.  Your words mean so much…”

That response reinforced for me that it is so important to reach out to the people we care about and remind them how much they not only mean to us, but also how much they should be proud of with themselves. You know how hard you are on yourself. You know how many things you struggle with that you keep to yourself. You know how hard it can be to get through the day sometimes. You know how nice it is when someone shows you that they care.

I challenge you to let someone know you care. You don’t have to buy them a gift. Your words are enough. You never know who needs to hear it or how you could impact their life.


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