Day 12

Ok so today was the oddest breakfast have ever heard of.. Mashed chickpeas, avocado and steamed spinach.


I have never heard of anything like that being called breakfast. Now not being a “breakfast” person I was up for it. I have never been an eggs and pancakes kind of girl. In fact, my husband would always laugh at me because we would go out to breakfast at a diner and I would order a turkey club. Oh well, to each their own right. I do love lunch. So for me this was great And so simple. It was really just mashed chickpeas with a little garlic, olive oil and Himalayan sea salt. It was delicious and filling. I could definitely see myself eating it after the reset. My husband even liked it. He thought I was crazy when I brought it to him for breakfast. He loves hummus so he was willing to give it a try. Healthy. Simple. Delicious. Nothing better then that!

We are now just past the half way point and I am really amazed at how much energy we both have. I find that during the day I am in a better mood and feeling much more positive in all of my interactions with people. I am looking forward to being able to start working out again when this is over and see how my body reacts now that it will be at optimal functioning. I am feeling so mentally strong about completing this that today when my assistant walked into my office eating Hershey’s kisses and out a handful in my desk, I just said no thank you! She was shocked. We often throw down some serious office chocolate at the office candy bowl. I told her I was eating healthy and focused on staying that way all month. She laughed and told me all the reasons why you don’t ever decide to do something like this in December. Parties! Chocolate! Booze! Parties! Just in case I forgot…lol

We both laughed but then all the women in the office started talking about what they needed to do in January to feel the way the want to. Lose weight, start exercising, go to the gym, eat better… There wasn’t one person, male or female, that was happy with where they were physically. It made me equal parts sad and motivated to continue to be there to support people to build their confidence in both who they are now and who they want to be. I strongly believe that you have to love yourself at all points in the journey. The world spends plenty of time trying to best people down, there is no reason to do it to yourself!

i hope that message continues to spread. 1 day at a time…1 person at a time…


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