Day 14

So today was the last day of Phase 2.

I will do another weigh-in tomorrow and report on all of my numbers.  Honestly I don’t feel like I have lost much weight but I do feel much more energetic.  I feel like I have been more productive during the day and more focused on the tasks I am working on.  At the beginning of the week I had a lot of cravings.  I even started planning what my first luxury/cheat meal would be as soon as I am done.  There is an amazing chocolate shop near my house.  They make all of their own chocolates and they are completely vegan…so maybe that doesn’t count as a complete cheat… but the are outrageously good.  Now, those cravings have started to pass.  I feel satisfied.

Here is today’s food:


Breakfast: Mixed Fruit Bowl


Lunch: Microgreen salad


Dinner: Corn and Edamame Succatash with Lemon Pepper Kale

As you can see from the pics, there is a lot of food so I am completely full at the end of each meal.  I have been really focused at making sure I drink all of my water as well.  That is still the hardest part for me.  However, I can now tell the difference in how I feel when I don’t drink enough.  I know that this is a habit I am going to need to continue even after the reset is over but it will be the hardest to maintain.

I have also been sleeping a lot better this week.  Before the reset I would wake up a few times during the night.  Now I sleep through the night and am much more rested in the morning.  I really am amazed at how much a change you can feel mentally and physically from changing your diet.  It is pretty empowering.


Tomorrow I start the final phase: Restore.

In this last phase you cut back further on grains and eat mainly fruits and vegetables.  By the end of this week your PH should be fully balanced and ready to fully absorb all of the nutrients you eat from whole foods.  At this point you are introduced to the last supplement Revitalize, which restores healthy bacteria to your digestive tract.  After years of taking antibiotics, our body is often off balance.  This means that it is important to put the “friendly” or “good” bacteria back into your system to help break down carbohydrates, promote a healthy immune system, and control the growth of harmful bacteria.

I am excited to see my final results.  2 weeks flew by!



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