Day 15

Accountability time.  Week two is officially done.  That means pictures and stats….again!


Day 1

Weight: 174.5 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 37′   Waist: 30″   Right bicep: 12.5″   Left bicep: 12″   Hips: 41.5″ Right Thigh: 25.5″   Left Thigh: 26″

Day 15

Weight: 168 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 35″  Waist: 30″   Right bicep: 12″   Left bicep: 11.5″   Hips: 40″ Right Thigh: 24.5″   Left Thigh: 24.5″


Total change: – 6.5 pounds and – 7.5 inches


So as you can tell from the numbers there was not much of a shift on the scale. What I do notice is a brightness in my skin and spirit.  I’m not sure why the lighting looks so different but I think when you look at the first picture you can notice the energy shift. I see it in my face but more importantly I feel it in my spirit. Tonight I was laughing and joking with my family and more then one person said, “I love happy Jenny.”  It is in that moment that i realized how far I had gotten away from myself.  It is so easy to let the daily grind steal your joy. If I don’t lose another pound I am so happy to be back on track with my spirit.


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