Day 16

Today I had the rare privilege of a snow day.


I got to stay home with the family, catch up on some work around the house, touch base with friends, and just relax.  So many days are full of just running around from thing to thing. We complete tasks and check things off lists but we are really just going through the motions like robots.  Well today was a reboot. I felt like a little kid. So happy with the gift of no list to accomplish. No have to’s. No need to’s. A day of want to’s!  It really is the little things that make the difference. Even being able to prepare my food and not be rushed. To eat when I wanted and not in a certain time slot. I appreciated ever second.

Meanwhile, on the reset front…

My husband doesn’t like to step on the scale as much as I do. So today I was amazed when he yelled to me that after 15 days he has lost 19 pounds. Just the mere fact that I am mentioning this will of course be a jinx. He will be convinced that tomorrow he will wake up and will have put back on 5 pounds. He is that kind of guy. He has coached football forever and he has to wear the same outfit for each game So that his action, like choice of clothes, will not impact the outcome of the game! (I know you know this man…)  This generally means that even if they are playing in November in the freezing cold he still has to wear shorts because when the season starts in September the weather is still nice….. and since they won in September in those shorts he obviously has to wear them in the winter! (You just have to love him!)

Ok but seriously… 19 pounds in 15 days! I am so happy for him. I could easily go off on a rant on how crazy it is that men lose weight that easily, but that is not the point. The point is that he really needed this, maybe even more then I did. I am so ecstatic. I am so lucky to be on this journey with him. So often you do tag et the support you want for your family or significant other when you are trying to make a big change. I not only have his support but he has jump in the car and is driving along with me.

Five more days!


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