Day 17

I woke up today and followed my normal routine. Head to the bathroom. Brush my teeth. Jump on the scale. Head into the shower. I have said over and over that this journey isn’t 100% about losing weight! it is also about feeling better. I have talked about my increased energy and better attitude. I am sleeping better and have better focus. But it would be a lie if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t lose any weight along the way.  So after not losing any weight last week I was very excited to have lost 2 more pounds. I even squeezed into a smaller pair of pants. Definitely not ready to wear them comfortably but they closed! Lol

Small victories are worth being celebrated.


Food wise the first 17 days have been great. Everything is really tasty and filling.  I was really worried about a friend holiday party last weekend but it was cancelled due to a snow storm. This week everyone in the office has started bringing in holiday candy. Tomorrow is our office holiday party. It is a pot luck so I am bringing a huge salad.  I know there will be a lot of tempting treats but I am so close to the end of the reset I know I can make it. 4 more days til the final weigh in and measure. I’m going to bring my gallon of water and stay focused on the healthy options.

Stronger every day!



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