Day 18


So today was my office holiday party. Everyone brought the usual items. Cake. Lemon bars. Chocolate. Chips. Soda. Uuuugggghhhhhh! I even got a Christmas gift of a bag of holiday peppermint bark. So now that is sitting in my kitchen counter beckoning to me… Lol

Truth is I resisted all of it. I grabbed the healthy options and then made sure to keep the treats out of sight out of mind. Generally I am a mindless eater. You could find me at the party standing right next to all the food endlessly snacking. It isn’t about being full it is about enjoying every bite. Well that has gotten me no where and I am tired of not fitting comfortably in my clothes. So I did it. I actually resisted all sorts of chocolate. That is a huge hurdle for me. I feel like this plan is really helping me regain control.

I have to say that I have been looking forward to working out again. Before the reset I had totally gotten out of my everyday workout routine. Now during the reset, you can’t workout. It is important to let your body do the work it needs to do to clean itself out and restore to proper functioning. Working out and directing attention toward your muscles would interfere with the process. However, now that I am 3 days from the end of the program I am looking forward to getting back into a fitness routine.

My current plan is to work out at half speed and power the first week after the reset. Then I am going to start Insanity:The Asylum. I bought it right before I started the reset because there was a great Black Friday sale and I have always been tempted to try it. I know that it has to be completely crazy but I am looking forward to the sports training. Since my husband and I were both college athletes, it is my hope that it connects with some of our intrinsic competitiveness and our love of sports. My goal is to keep eating clean and complete this program, it’s only 30 days, and report my stats again to see the change. Losing weight is only one step in this process. The real goal is being fit and toned.

I have my energy back. I have my focus back. Now I just have to stay accountable to following through.

Sounds easy…….


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