Day 19

So 2 cool things happened today!

1) My assistant bought me a Christmas gift.  OK…so what you say right!  Well, if you knew her then you would know that we collaborate and conspire in our office to ensure that we always have access to chocolate.  A week or so ago I was sharing with her what I was doing, eating clean and refocusing on me, and instead of buying me chocolate (which she would “share” with me) she bought me a huge fruit basket!

fruit basket

This gift was immediately followed by her telling me how hard it was for her to buy me this.  She wanted more chocolate in the office.  She wanted me to help her eat crap.  It brings us “joy.”  We were laughing like crazy but there really is some truth to that.  We have gotten into the routine of eating chocolate whenever we are stressed and you can always find a reason to be stressed at work. Chocolate makes you feel better.  We also eat it when we are happy.  Chocolate is delicious.  There is a picture I have seen posted on the internet that states, “What ever the question is, Chocolate is the answer!”  That has really become my work life.  So while she was laughing and teasing me, there was much more truth in it then we were both admitting to.  This fruit basket was a shift for us.  Not only did she break a habit for herself, she was also supporting me in something that I really believe in.  Awesome gift!

2) Tonight was Jalen’s 8th grade Pop Warner Football Dinner.  If this happened at any other point it would be no big deal, but it is happening on day 19 of the reset.  So what am I going to do?  Am I going to rush home from work. make dinner in 10 minutes.  Eat in 2 and then watch everyone eat all night while they ask why I am not eating.  It wasn’t feasible possible to make that even happen.  No matter how focused or determined I am to eat my meals as they are designed through the plan, there was no physical way I could get it done.  So, if I can’t eat before I go, I could just wait to eat until after the dinner.  That would mean that I still would have to answer everyone’s questions about why I wasn’t eating and I would be starving.  That just doesn’t work for me.  So I did something I have never done before.  Months ago I read an article about people that are going out to eat with family and they are concerned that the restaurant their family chooses would not have an option for them to eat.  One of the suggestions that the article made was to call ahead and see if the restaurant would be willing to put something together for you.  At the time I thought, I can’t imagine ever doing that.  However, while I was sitting here today it popped into my head and I figured, why not?  So I called the dining facility up and I asked them if they could simply provide me with a plate of vegetables for dinner.  Whatever their side vegetable was would be perfect.  Although their tone said, “what’s wrong with you?  You really want us to serve you a plate of vegetables?”  There answer was, “sure, just tell you table waiter and I will have it prepared.”  That was a huge stress off my back and it was pretty empowering.  So often in other parts of my life I live by the words, “Ask for what you want.  The worst thing they can do is say no.”  And yet, when I read the original article I thought I would never do that.  It was so simple.  Instead of carrying around the stress all night I was able to eat when other people were eating.  No one thought anything of it.  No one asked me why I was eating what I was eating.  In fact, a woman across the table from me who I had never met, asked for the same thing.  She was a vegetarian and the restaurant didn’t offer anything of her.  The kids dinner was pasta and meatballs and the adult dinner was chicken and steak with vegetables.  So, not only did we not stand out asking for what we wanted prior to the dinner, it helped the facility be prepared for us and others with the same needs.  I will definitely use this tactic again in the future.  My family always wants to go out to eat and they always pick a steak house.  Often even all of the salads at those restaurants are covered with meat.  From now on I am going to call ahead and see if they will make me another option.  Worse thing they can say is no…


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