Day 21

The end..

Today is the last day of the ultimate reset. 21 days went by so quick. Tomorrow I will wake up and weigh and measure myself to get my final results.  I am definitely curious to find out what my final numbers are. I definitely lost the most weight in the first week.  no matter what the numbers are have gained so much from this process. I have felt clearer and more positive then I have in a long time. I feel centered and refocused on what I can achieve. I know that this feeling comes from giving my body not only the structure of a clean food regime but also the time I have had to sit still, reflect, and set new goals. I had gotten too far away from what it means to take care of myself.  This process has reminded me that although I thought I was taking care of everyone else, I wasn’t actually giving them my best because I wasn’t at my best. I am at my best when I am eating right, exercising, and giving myself the time to learn and grow.

So as this phase ends another one will begin.


For the next 2 weeks I am going to get this body moving again in preparation for starting P90X3 on January 6th.  It is important to start slowly, especially when you are coming out of a cleanse or detox of any sort.  Your body needs time to shift it’s focus back to the muscles. The reset has allowed my internal organs time to really focus on rebuilding the cells to optimal functioning. Now that they are repair I can focus on creating the body I want to sculpt for myself.  My systems are prepared to support my body better so I can get better results from my fitness routine. Some of the before and afters from P90x3 are amazing. I see no reason that I can’t have similar results if is stay focused.


To mark the end of this journey and the beginning of the next I am holding a ceremonial hair dying.


I am no longer the person I was 21 days ago. I will not be this person 90 days from now… That person is still in development!


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