Reset Results

Final results, pictures and measurements:


Day 1

Weight: 174.5 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 37′   Waist: 30″   Right bicep: 12.5″   Left bicep: 12″   Hips: 41.5″ Right Thigh: 25.5″   Left Thigh: 26″

Day 15

Weight: 163 lbs

Measurements:   Chest: 34.5″  Waist: 29″   Right bicep: 11.25″   Left bicep: 11″   Hips: 40″ Right Thigh: 23.5″   Left Thigh: 23.5″


Total loss: -11.5 lbs and -11.75 inches


I am feeling great!  So pleased with my final results.  I am going to keep working hard to stay close to this current eating plan.  Tomorrow is Christmas day.  In the spirit of healthy eating and happy holidays, I am making the family healthy desserts for tomorrow.  I will post them all here and the links for the sites that I got the recipes.

Since my husband and I are in the holiday spirit, we decided to foster a puppy for the holidays until it can be adopted.  Here is Jet!


She is going to be tough to let go of. She has the sweetest playful, cuddly energy ever.  Good thing for us is, I think Jalen’s best friend is going to adopt her.  That way we can visit and play with her whenever possible.  Our pack has already accepted her in.  She is part of us!





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