Last day… New Year!

Everything I am reading, whether it is about fitness, inspiration, money management, business, the message is the same.   It is as easy as doing the little things every day no matter if you want to or not!

Don’t want to workout…. Do it anyway!

Don’t want to think about saving money…. Save it anyway!

Don’t want to call that potential customer when it can wait til tomorrow… Call them anyway!

Feeling grumpy and want to share it with the world… Be kind anyway!

None of it is hard.  It is just consistency.  Successful people, fit people, motivational people, wealthy people, so the little things ever day.  It doesn’t matter if they want to or not.  It doesn’t matter if it is fun or not.  It doesn’t matter if they are bored or not.  Do what needs to be done and then do something else that is exciting, re-energizing, etc.  No matter what you do, don’t stop the basics for something that sparkles!

Once you are out of a routine it is so hard to get back in.  If you stop working out for a week it is hard to get yourself moving again.  Your lungs have to work harder to get the same thing done.  Your brain has to work harder to stay motivated and focused.  Your body will feel more sore because it has already begun to enjoy the lazy life.  Once you have to struggle to get started again it is easier to go back to not doing it everyday.  It is easier to think of a reason why it doesn’t have to be done.  We are fighting with brain chemistry.  You know you feel better when you are in a routine and staying consistent but your brain wants to convince you that you don’t have to do any of it.  Skip a workout!  Eat the whole Carvel cake!  Go shopping and spend a ton of money!  Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure!

Your battle is to remind your brain why the routine will bring you pleasure!  When I workout I have more energy.  When I eat healthy food I feel better.  When I contacting my business partners I can invest in time for me.  When I organize my house I can be more productive.  You know how good it feels when everything is clicking.  That is the benefit of a healthy routine.

One of the things that helps me is a daily activity tracker.  It keeps me accountable to myself.  Did I work out?  Did I have my daily health shake?  Did I make the business contacts I needed to?  Did I check in with people I care about?  Did I devote some time for myself to read and improve?  There are about 20 things on the list that I know I need to do every day.  They don’t take hours of my time but they are the essential activities that I HAVE to do everyday so that I stay on my routine.  It helps me to stay accountable for my actions.

Accountability helps when motivation fades away!


2 thoughts on “Last day… New Year!

  1. Loving these posts Jenny. I hope you’re keeping them coming for the new year! I want to hire you as my personal motivator… all the stuff you’re struggling to get on top of is the same stuff I am struggling with. Thanks for these honest and helpful shares. I hope they continue!

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