2014 goals

Today someone will be born, starting life as a blank slate. For many of us we choose New Year’s Day to be a kind-of rebirth.  We make resolutions and promises to be better, do better, get healthier, find happiness…We compare our past year(s) to others around us and we are thankful for our fortunes or envious of theirs.  No matter where you are in life, every day is like New Year’s Day, a gift.   I made a vow this year NOT to have a resolution, but rather a revolution.  I wanted to take a stand and instead of promising to “stop” an activity or habit, I was going to focus on all I can and will do this year.

I wanted to share my goals with you not because I think they are all that great, but to allow you to be the first to see my focus, my direction and to help hold me accountable in achieving them by the next “new year.”

•Make $30,000 from Beachbody by December

•Solidify 3 star(By helping 3 people become financially free) by September

•Have no credit card debt by December

•Read a minimum of 7 personal development books by November

•Declutter the house by turning an extra room into an office by March

•Establish a monthly date night with my husband

•Go on 1 family and 1 adult vacation by August

•Visit my family monthly

•Meet with friends to socialize at least bimonthly

•Achieve my goal weight of 145 lbs by June and Maintain it through December

So whether you have fitness or health goals, financial/personal ones or all of the above, I invite you to share them.  Put your focus out there into the universe for others to see.  Commit to the tasks, steps and struggles it will take until each goal is accomplished.  Happy New Year to you…. Happy YOU Year!



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