Begin again

buddha past

One of the things that has helped to support my attempt to begin again is the fact that I have surrounded myself with positive people.  My family is one of the most supportive groups I have ever met.  They reach out and check in, never letting you slip down into the dark place for too long.  This was not a surprise to me because it is how we have always been.  They have always been there for me in any time of need.

What has been surprising to me is the role that social media has had in this journey.  So often you hear about the negatives of social media.  You read about the bullying and how it disconnects us from society and reality.  I have found it to do the opposite.  I am an average to above average user of facebook due many to my work as a fitness coach.  When my posts started to slow down I had close friends and strangers reach out to me to see if everything was OK.  That was really touching.  To some extent, many state that this is an example of the limitations of social media.  That you can reach out to someone and chat through the computer but never actually interact with a person in the flesh.  I would disagree.  Sometimes a quick message from someone letting you know they are thinking of you is an act that can completely change your day or your week.  One person shared with me a Facebook page that they visit for inspiration.  The page is called Buddha Groove.  ( The fact that this page was suggested to me out of concern and the fact that I went to the page and hit “Like” meant that daily I was receiving messages that were uplifting and positive that connected me back to the care and concern of my friend.

In our darkest hours we don’t always need someone in our face or holding our hand.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that people are there for us when we need them and they are only a call or a keyboard away.



2 thoughts on “Begin again

  1. Yes I agree with you Jenny! I have been challenged recently to not be on FB so much, but I do love the connections I have made and continue to make on Social Media. Never beats a face to face or phone call – but people I normally wouldn’t stay in touch with or even family, I have found on Social media. I can be a good thing 🙂

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