Power in Numbers

Tomorrow may be January 6th but for me it is Day 1.  Day 1 of 2 fitness challenges that I have decided to start in order to not only reach my fitness goals but also to help others reach theirs.

post workout

The first group is a Start 2014 with Sexy Abs group.  This group is composed of 72 women determined to start the year strong and gain back control of one aspect of their life.  Some of them have never worked out a day in their lives.  Others used to have very structured routines and for a variety of reasons have fallen off.  And others, are some of the fittest women I know.  Together, in whatever phase of life they may be, they have taken a huge leap of faith to share their journey with complete strangers.  They have taken their measurements and first day photos and exposed them to the group.  They have shared their vulnerabilities and have ask for support from strangers.  Strangers who will support them and encourage them when they need it.  Strangers who they will, in turn, lift up when they are struggling.

This is why being a fitness coach is so amazing to me.  In some way, I personally will impact these womens lives.  I will set up the structures and speak to them personally about their struggles throughout the next 30 days.  I will offer suggestions on fitness and nutrition and we will all learn from each other.  In other ways, I am just setting the scene for them to do it themselves.  They have a wealth of knowledge within them about what they do that makes them feel healthy and strong and what they do that sabotages that feeling.  Inevitably when a group member asks a question, someone will answer.  It will not always be me.  It becomes the groups group to help, support, teach and inspire on it’s own.  It is overwhelming when you see people take back control of their lives and feel empowered enough and generous enough to help those around them….when at one point they didn’t even know how to help themselves.

When we Google search weight loss or fitness we find millions of answers.  It can be so overwhelming.  Where do you start?  How do you know what is the right thing to do?  The truth is… you just have to start.  Once you flip that switch and the stress of what to do disappears, you are then just in the act of doing.  Doing something.  Anything.  As long as it is movement, it is a step in the right direction.  The goal is for each of these women to find their own way in the next 30 days so that they have a plan on how to keep moving forward in whichever direction fills their spirit so that they are motivated to keep moving, growing and learning until they reach their goals.



The other group is my Team TransforME P90X3 Test Group.  My husband and I are committed to completing P90X3 over the next 90 days with 58 other people.  I took the fit test today that consisted of pull ups, push ups, a flexibility test, vertical jump, in and out crunches, and a heart rate test.  I love being able to measure how my numbers improve over time.  This group will be much more intense then the other group.  The ab group will do 4 exercises that increase in difficulty over time.  P90X3 is an intense 30 minute workout that changes every 3 weeks.  It is dynamic movement that keeps you agile, strong, and flexible.  As an athlete, so far it is unlike any other workout I have done.  In the videos I have tried up until today it really challenges my sense of balance and fine muscle strength. I love trying new things.  I think it keeps you young.  Tony Horton is the creator of the video and he is 55 and looks younger than everyone I know.  He is in ridiculous shape.  It must be nice to do fitness for a full time profession.  Well I know that is my goal so I sure hope it is nice!

Man people are motivated in January!  That is 128 people in 2 groups helping each other get healthier!  AMAZING!  Those numbers really just hit me.  I know in reality it is inevitable that some people will fall off, but right now they are all connected and I will do whatever I can to keep them there!

Here is to a great 2014!